The Realmadrid Foundation CampusExperience: About Our Values

The Realmadrid Foundation CampusExperience is not your average football camp. Not only do participants get to undergo top-level football training with experienced coaches from the Real Madrid Sports City, but also values education on personal and social values integral to their development.

The CampusExperience is here to help parents and guardians educate their children on these values, inextricably linked to the famous name and illustrious history of Real Madrid CF, with a five-day programme that is also developed based on key values.

A Programme Focused on Values

The values that the CampusExperience aims to convey to its participants can be categorised into three perspectives:


Me: values that form the personality of the individual

Leadership: The ability and skill to organise a team and maintain the cohesiveness of the team

Self-control: The capacity to control emotions and moderate actions and reactions for the greater good

Humility: The ability to not only remain grounded despite personal achievements but to also recognise every and any mistake as a critical learning point and grow into a better person.

We: values relating to being a team player and a sociable person

Fellowship: The ability to develop and maintain not only a fair and respectful attitude but also mutual trust and friendship with teammates and classmates

Effort: The ability to work hard for a common cause, even if it means performing tasks and participating in activities not directly beneficial to the self

Teamwork: The capacity to be involved in a team and committed to a common cause with fellow teammates or classmates, whether it be in a game of football or performing tasks or assignments in the classroom.

They: values relating to how one treats those outside of his group, such as his opponents and competitors

Respect: The ability to work and perform within the rules that allow everybody to compete in a fair and sporting manner

Tolerance: The capacity to appreciate and respect differences that others may have, such as differences in opinions, beliefs or practices

Solidarity: The ability to see how there may be an overriding cause, need or interest that may bind even strangers together

A Programme Based on Values

The CampusExperience aims to inculcate the above values in its participants through the use of experiential activities. Each experiential activity focuses on certain values and, through the relevant games and exercises, teaches participants and strengthens their understanding in the behaviour that exemplifies such values, cultivating good habits for continued personal development. These activities are crafted based on the following key values that the CampusExperience has adopted:

Imagination: An approach driven by innovation and creativity, guiding participants to think of important ideas and concepts that, on first thought, one may not immediately think of when taking part in seemingly routine activities.

Work: A belief that it will take personal effort and responsibility on the part of each participant to maximise his/her capacity to stay dedicated and committed to an objective until it is achieved.

With these values in mind, the CampusExperience team harnesses the power of football and sports, the heritage of the Real Madrid name and the quality of our training sessions to keep our students highly-motivated and be in the best attitude possible, so that they can accept and understand the importance of these values and their practical application in the game and in life.


If you have any questions and/or comments on our programme, please feel free to contact us at We would love to hear from you!